Attend TEDxEasthamptonWomen 2019

What’s Expected of You as a TEDxEasthamptonWomen Attendee

It is truly a privilege to attend a TEDxWomen event!

Here are some guidelines to help you prepare:

  • Come with an open-mind.
  • Be prepared for intense emotions.
  • Talk (and introduce yourself) to as many people as you can.
  • Have a means to easily give people your contact info.
  • Understand that TEDxEasthamptonWomen is a community, not just an event.
  • Spread the ideas you hear.
  • Engage with our speakers (when appropriate).
  • Carpe Diem. You will be one of just 100 people to experience this event. Savor the day, and the chance to rethink the world and your role in it.